• My Story

    The Journey

    I would love to share my journey with you!  So, here goes… Over the last 30+ years, I have attempted many things, but never achieved the success or gratification that I always saw in my dreams.  I’ve been everything from a vacuum cleaner salesperson (not joking!) to a fresh cut flower farmer, to selling everything from candles to jewelry.  I’m an avid DIY gal too, so I have lots of fun projects…sitting around waiting to be done!  Ha! About 7 years ago, a friend (and artist) from our church, introduced me to a lady in town that offers oil painting lessons.  Before long, I was in class learning from a…

  • Missions Trip

    When God Calls

    Sometimes God puts a ‘calling in our heart’. Such was the case for me in 2010. I traveled to Guatemala on a missions trip. As naive as it may sound, I discovered that we don’t live like most of the…

  • Vacation Destination

    “The Bucket List”

    We all have them, whether we refer to them as a ‘bucket list’, ‘wish list’ or ‘life long dream’. They are all those things that we dream, wish, and work so hard for. For some it’s that special vacation destination,…

  • That Memorable Trip

    Spontaneous Moments

    Sometimes our most memorable moments are captured in a spontaneous photograph. Children, pets, people, places and things. Vicki can turn that photograph into a one of a kind treasure; captured with oil on canvas. Contact Vicki about a commission painting…

  • Transportation

    Trains, Planes & Automobiles

    Vicki and I sold antique car accessories for my Uncle Keith on Ebay for several years. She would photograph the items, Keith would provide the verbaige and I would launch the auctions. It was through that work that Vicki developed…

  • Flowers

    Flowers and More Flowers

    My early paintings were ‘photo realistic’ and the subject were photographs from Bill’s travel. Early in 2017, I discovered Nancy Medina’s Website and began taking her classes. Nancy is a talented artist & teacher. Through her lessons I have learned.

  • Architecture & Land Scape

    Life Is An Adventure

    Every day, life is an adventure. We make plans, we ‘chart our course’, but we never know what is beyond the horizon. It’s in those “unexpected” diversions that can lead you to amazing places & people. When we set fear,…