Vicki, @ VickiVanArt Studio, is a midwest artist who creates original oil paintings that include; photo realistic paintings, colorful floral paintings, pet portraits and commission paintings of all kind. Read about her journey and the ‘later in life’ discovery of her artwork talent.

Paint on My Palette by Vicki VanDeBerghe

Over the last 30+ years, I have attempted many things, but never achieved the success or gratification that I always saw in my dreams.  I’ve been everything from a vacuum cleaner salesperson (not joking!) to a fresh cut flower farmer, to selling everything from candles to jewelry.  I’m an avid DIY gal too, so I have lots of fun projects…sitting around waiting to be done!  Ha!

About 7 years ago, a friend (and artist) from our church, introduced me to a lady in town that offers oil painting lessons.  Before long, I was in class learning from a professional artist.  From my 1st painting, I was hooked. I had finally found my passion…oil painting!

So, that’s how it started…and now, I find myself in my studio every day, planning my next painting, and of course, painting!  I see the world differently these days; full of beauty, vibrancy, and such a Glorious palette of colors.  Since sharing my first painting…. friends, loved ones, and new acquaintances alike, continue to encourage and inspire me. But, I have to say, my husband is definitely my Biggest Fan!!  Love that guy!

For those 7+ years, I have painted Photo Realistic Paintings, using photos from travels in the US, and abroad, and even in my own back yard!  I especially love the photos my husband takes in his travels to Haiti and Guatemala. I recently started a new chapter in my painting journey!  While I still paint commissioned photos realistically, I also paint in a more Impressionistic style!  I took several classes, and my painting world has been rocked!!  I’m in love with the new style of using Great Big, Bold Colors to paint happy flowers and gardens!

“Thanks for letting me share my story! Many Blessings.” Vicki


Come browse the VickiVanArt Gallery. You will discover a diverse talent in Vicki’s paintings. Many of Vicki’s Photo Realistic paintings are inspired by her husband’s photography, while traveling to Guatemala and Haiti on missions trips. These paintings include iconic images of volcanos, ancient architecture and native people. Vicki also loves painting flowers, because of the beauty and bright colors! Vicki also has a unique eye for capturing the details of antique vehicles, motorcycles and boats. We will professionally pack and ship all original oil paintings, within the contiguous 48 states.


Not ready to spend the money for original oil paintings? Consider Affordable Prints and Posters. By comparison, prints are an affordable option over original art work. All of Vicki’s painting are available in prints. Select from her stunning ‘Photo Realistic’ paintings, colorful ‘Florals’ and her heart warming ‘Fur Babies’. It is easy to create the exact wall art piece you imagine. First select the original oil painting, second pick the size and third choose the frame. In addition to prints, you can Shop For Merchandise to enhance the beauty of your home.


You can commission Vicki to create a unique, one of kind treasure. She has painted Pet Portraits, Still Life Paintings, Flower Paintings, Antique Vehicles, Boats, Motorcycles and Landscapes. Pricing Quotes – A price quote will depend on the size of canvas, and number of subjects to be painted. Please, contact Vicki. She would be happy to answer any questions, and get started on your “One of a Kind” treasure!



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